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A friend and I walked a 5K yesterday. It was my second 5K and first "race" and her first 5K. Our goals were simple - finish in under an hour and don't come in last place. We accomplished both! We walked it, and I came in 50th in my age group. A "good" aerobic walking pace is 17-20 minute miles, and we were at a 17.8 minute mile. This pleases me.

I woke up today feeling much better in my own body. The route had one large hill and hiking up it worked out a kink in my shins probably caused by living in high heels. Yay for exercise?

After the race, our husbands joined us for dinner. My husband ran the 10K while we were running the five. His goal was the same as ours, and he did well. We finished in 55.19 minutes. He was at 59.06. We hadn't even gotten water yet when he crossed the finish line. It was excellent to sit with old friends, catch up, and feel like I had accomplished something.

After dinner, I went over to another friend's house. We sat out on her roof drinking wine and talking late into the night. This was possibly the perfect end to a Saturday night. Her roof is a cozy, secret place, protected by old trees that let the stars shine down like benevolent eyes.

I'm in the middle of a long stretch on the road, and I can already feel a little bit of travel fatigue kicking it. The time will go by quickly. We are only 10 weeks from Christmas now, and I will be home the week of Thanksgiving. It's not that far way.
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I had an angry rant brewing, but a good workout kind of let the air out of it. Tis just as well. It's not a problem that I can fix, and I'm sure that rant will come along later.

I spent the last 9 days in Cancun. I wasn't sure exactly what to expect in Cancun. I knew it was touristy, but also, another country. My only significant experience with traveling to another country has been a few short trips to Canada (BC on a cruise ship and Ontario as a kid) and a summer in Bolivia when I was in high school. I was expecting something like Bolivia. I know Mexico is poor and the culture is primarily Hispanic.

Cancun is surprisingly like Florida. I heard more Spanish spoken in Miami than I did in Cancun. We stayed in a resort that seemed determined to ensure that there was as few reminders as possible that we were in a foreign country. Everyone spoke English, and if I stumbled through trying to speak Spanish to them, they responded to me in English. Granted, it was nice to be understood every where I went, just unexpected.

That said, it was a very nice time. The ocean in Cancun is beautiful. The blues are absolutely amazing. We swam almost every day and encountered all sorts of gorgeous sea-life. We went horseback riding in the jungle, and I enjoyed both riding again and the jungle. The trail lead past ruined haciendas and all sorts of birds. My horse was very calm. We trotted around some on the training grounds near a polo field, but she really wasn't interested in doing much and by then I'd been on horseback an hour and wasn't interested in making her go terribly fast. Horseback riding is always more work than I remember. The ranch cook made us an amazing lunch after our ride and then we headed back to the resort.

On Thursday, my husband and I took a cooking class. It was very cool. The chef opens up her home a couple of days a week to small group classes in her own kitchen. In addition to cooking, we learned a little about the culture of the Yucatan Peninsula and the traditions that go with the food. Our main souvenirs from the trip resulted from this class. We bought spices, chocolate, and, later, a Day of the Dead piece inspired by the chef's altar.

My least favorite part of the trip was a stop at the local tourist market. I don't like haggling for prices, and I don't like high pressure sales pitches. This market was full of both. There was a time when I would have had a hard time saying no to the junk that was sold there, but I had a much easier time of it this time around. I probably still paid too much for the two items I bought, but I had a price in mind, and I didn't exceed it, so I'm satisfied. I even walked away from one item I really wanted to get as a gift when the seller wouldn't lower the price as far as I wanted.

Customs was easier than I expected. Well, not easier- I didn't expect it be hard, just time consuming, but it was very fast both directions.

Mostly though, I'm just really glad to be home. I got up and walked in a local park this morning and then grocery shopped. I'm off work tomorrow, but starting this week, I spend 9 of the next 10 weeks traveling for work.
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I'm missing my husband tonight, but am otherwise very happy to be back to traveling and my regular routine. This has been my life for over 4 years now, and I am comfortable with and accustomed to regular travel. Too long in one spot, and I get a little restless and a lot overwhelmed.

Some of my coworkers were complaining about the travel today, and really, I just kind of thought, and? This is the gig you signed up for. If you don't like it, go do something else. The economy is bad, but frankly, we are in fairly high demand. We had one woman (not one of the complainers) put in her notice today, and another man put his in last month.

Of course, five weeks off the road and I lose my "road warrior" skills. There's always one small thing I forget my first trip back out. This trip, it was my toothbrush. I grabbed the travel case, but left my toothbrush propped up in its cute little floral holder at home. Luckily, I am at a midrange hotel that will provide a free toothbrush rather than a "luxury" hotel that would make me buy one for $6. It will get me through the week.


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