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Starting a new blog is, to me, like looking at a blank sheet of paper. I'm excited for the new space and a little daunted by what I want to say here. I do not want to waste the gift of space, but I don't want to feel hemmed in by the pressure to put something meaningful every time I sit to write.

So, first a brief statement. I am starting a new blog. I do not plan to continue updating my other blogs. It's hard to let go of the one I've been more or less continuously updating since 1992, but that space comes with the burden of the person I used to be, and I find myself less willing to be defined that person. More, there are the scattered remnants of relationships that no longer have a place in my life, and those shredded pieces are a kind of censorship that I need to move past. The other blog was specifically a place to write about my recovery from disordered eating and my journey into intuitive eating, and keeping that blog on a site dedicated to dieting was no longer working. Simply put, I need a new space.

My purpose here is manifold, but two main ones stand out:
1. To make a fresh start in a place where I can write with less constraints.
2. To combine my two writing blogs into one place.

And so I begin... again.


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